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Please please please think about what you’re saying because even if you’re trying to help certain things can be received as triggering or offensive. Be kind, be thoughtful and be supportive because everybody has a struggle to face. Thank you for reading have a lovely day :)

as somebody who is bipolar and a huge Demi fan, I have had people tell me that I’m lucky because I’m like her or tell me I must be so excited that she and I are similar… 

"everyone is OCD about something" FUCK THAT NOISE. I’m convinced that if I don’t do a certain thing exactly seventeen times my parents will die in a horrible way or if I leave when the numbers on the clock add up to thirteen then I’m going to die on the way to wherever I’m going. THAT IS OCD NOT BEING NEAT

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John F. Kennedy on civil rights

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"As the protesters marched through the streets, it began to storm. Every time the thunder crashed, the protesters would cheer louder and louder. It seemed as if mother nature herself were cheering them on.."

My favorite is the fuck the cops photo. Lol

love this.

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